Physical Therapy Direct Access

Attention Patients:


On February 10, 2015, House Bill 1263, Direct Patient Access to Physical Therapy Services, was filed by Rep. Richard Raymond (Laredo). As you know, current law requires physician orders to initiate physical therapy.  This is despite the fact that state law already requires that all patients be evaluated and assigned a diagnostic classification by a physical therapist at the start of their care. This adds to the time and cost of healthcare for Texans. Currently, 44 other states allow their citizens to receive physical therapy treatment without a prescription. Texas is behind in this area, with 200 million other Americans having better access to care than Texans.

What You Can Do

  • Send an email, fax or letter to your State Legislators and let them know you support this Patients Right, Freedom of Choice Bill. Ask them to co-sponsor HB 1263.
  • Call your State Legislators. Go to to find your local representatives.
  • Sign the petition at
  • Share this information with your friends, your family and any organizations that you are involved in.


If you do not have access to the internet and would like a hard copy of the letters to sign, please ask the front desk and we will fax it for you.


Thanks for your help in getting the message through to our government!


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Proposed Bill Overview

Direct Access Overview