Wellness Screens

If you are worried about your flexibility, strength, and endurance, or have a previous injury affecting your level of physical activity, we at The Institute for Sports and Spine Rehabilitation provide a diagnostic evaluation called a wellness screen. We evaluate and screen you for any movement impairments, strength deficits, or muscular tightness that may put you at risk for injury. After the initial evaluation, we recommend 3-5 follow-up visits to improve sports specific and functional abilities. In the state of Texas you can see a physical therapist without a physician’s referral if you are not acutely suffering from a musculoskeletal injury, but are interested in learning exercises and techniques to improve performance or prevent breakdown. Our goal is to help athletes stay in the game and out of the doctor’s office.

One of our other goals is to lessen the burden of medical expenses through preventative care. Combined claims paid by the patient and insurance company can reach up to $2000 during treatment of a musculoskeletal injury. Researchers have shown that physical therapy, as the primary intervention, can save the patient 1355% of treatment costs compared to standard medical treatment. Preventing a musculoskeletal pain problem entirely could represent even greater health care savings. If you are interested in a wellness screen, or simply want more information, please email our therapy team at matthew@sportsandspinerehab.net with questions, or call our office at 972-985-2622 to schedule an appointment.