Personal Health and Wellness

After many years of being presented with different health and nutrition products to partner with, Sports and Spine Rehab has finally taken the plunge and teamed up with IDLife.

The ultimate selling point for us was the amount of research and effort they put into their supplement recommendations. By taking a 5 minute questionnaire, you are matched up with pharmaceutical grade vitamins to fill the gaps in your nutritional life. It is a nutrition program that is individually designed for each and every person.  Full explanations and supporting research articles are provided so you can always make an informed decision. This level of detail is what made us comfortable in providing this service, as it mirrors our mission to provide the most up to date, scientific approach to rehabilitation and patient care.

If you are interested in starting a vitamin or supplement regimen, or are wondering if your current supplement routine is adequate, please take the free, HIPAA compliant assessment and see if it’s something that would benefit you. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to your therapist, or reference these FAQs.

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