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Back Facts

Spinal disorders that include low back pain, neck pain, and headaches are still as prevalent today as they were fifty years ago. In terms of work loss and treatment cost, back pain is the single most expensive musculoskeletal ailment in Western society. Within a large group of adults, eighty percent will have some degree of backache at any point in time. When it comes to seeking treatment for these injuries and disorders, most patients expect their first appointment will consist of receiving ultrasound, hot packs, and instructions for completing a series of exercises. In many cases, these modalities are warranted and used, but as a whole, The Institute for Sports & Spine Rehab strives to take a more advanced approach to restoring muscle imbalances in the back.

The Institute for Sports & Spine Rehab’s Approach

At The Institute for Sports & Spine Rehab, our physical therapists want to know why a muscle isn’t functioning properly and we see exercise as a complement (not an all-encompassing solution) to manual therapy. As an example, our physical therapists may seek to improve a patient’s SI or lumbar joint function instead of directly manipulating the area through exercise.

Manual therapy is concerned with the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction by the hands-on application of primary physical modalities. This basically means that we use our hands to put pressure on muscle tissue and manipulate the joints to help decrease a patient’s pain caused by muscle spasms, tensions, and joint dysfunction. Our manual therapists have years of experience and pay close attention to our patient's nervous system and their responses to manual treatments. This focus and attention on our patients allow for a more enjoyable and effective recovery process.


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Did you know?

In the United States, 60% of patients seen within outpatient clinics are shown to have some form of spinal disorder. Additionally, 2/3 of the US population suffer from headaches and neck pain as a result to these disorders.

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